Combe Down Stone Mine

Project management services to stabilise the land on which 700 homes were built. The stabilisation of the underground mines was achieved through filling the mine shafts with foamed concrete. The project required extensive stakeholder engagement with planning officer, housing associations, Natural England and English Heritage due to the nature of the project and its location.

Whiteknights Utilities Infrastructure

Upgrade of the Whiteknights Campus utilities infrastructure to provide heat and power to 13 buildings. This included the delivery of a new Energy Centre with combined heat and power plant, together with LTHW district heating network, including the demolition of the old boiler house and strip of the old steam mains. Associated sub projects included gas, water, drainage and IT infrastructure capacity works.

Brewery Quarter Flood Relief

The project centred on developing a brownfield site to resolve existing flooding issues, to allow developers to successfully build upon the site. The de-risking of the site meant that an additional £40M was spent developing the site which included new housing estate, a supermarket, a waste recycling centre and restoration of historic building as a tourism attraction.

London Road Infrastructure Upgrade

Infrastructure upgrades to the University’s London Road campus. The project involved the complete replacement of the IT and electrical infrastructure, the construction of a new substation and major upgrade of both storm and foul drainage.

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