SDI Facilitators

Facilitating in-house training sessions to help organisations and people better understand how their motives drive their behaviours, how those motives and behaviours change during different situations, and how to develop a better understanding of the motive-driven behaviours of others. Training sessions are designed to help people understand the motivations of themselves and others and why people behave in certain ways in certain situations. The aim of the training sessions is to encourage meaningful, practical changes in leaders and teams that minimise conflict and maximise effectiveness.

Guide to Benefits Realisation

Authors of a national best practice paper written in conjunction with HEFCE called a guide to benefit realisation within the higher education sector. This research paper focuses on how the sector can generate better and realisable benefits through better ways of working.

Estates Strategy Course

Provide regular Estates Strategy workshops for University Estates Directors across the country in association with AUDE. These structured sessions focus on how to improve and optimise a Higher Education Estates Strategy in relation to each organisation’s individual’s needs.

Leadership and Development

As part of the RICS Executive Education programme we created and facilitated a Leadership Development for Project Managers two-day course. This was a unique course for project management professionals who were looking to progress in their career and enhance their skill sets beyond the purely technical role. 

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