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How to Setup a Project Board

The key factors and steps associated with creating an effective project board.

In this guide you will discover: 

  • What a project board is

  • The different stages of managing your project

  • Golden rules for running a project team

  • How to manage a project board

What to Demand from your Project Manager

The key skills and attributes you should demand from your Project Managers.

In this could you will find:

  • 27 key skills and attributes all project managers should possess.

  • 1 easy to use checklist to ensure all your projects are delivered successfully.

  • 25 years of project management experience. 

Uncover the key factors that guarantee the development of a successful project brief.

In this best practice document you will find out:

  • Why a good brief is so important in contributing to project success.

  • The most common mistakes to avoid when preparing a project brief

  • The 5 golden rules to follow when preparing a brief. 

  • The 2 stage best practice approach to writing a project brief. 


How to Appoint the Right Design Team

Key considerations for appointing a design team for your project. 

A guide detailing the key steps for the successful appointment of a design team, including:

  • Key factors to consider

  • Shortlisting and identifying candidates

  • Dealing with constraints

  • Producing, managing and issuing tender documents

  • Conducting interviews

  • Making the right appointments

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