Accolade Park

Providing project management support for the delivery of all defects and remedial works to Accolade Park. Including the management and control of key contractors and the supply chain in the rectification of the remedial works, engagement with key stakeholders such as the Environment Agency and Revenue & Customs, and leading all civil, health and safety operations and the delivery of all legal agreements and obligations.

Paint Injections Plant

Honda required project management services for the new build 2000sqm bumper paint facility which included a 100sqm mezzanine floor housing the spray booths; the installation of all process conveyors; air handling plant and a new 1MW substation.

Hangar Refurbishment

Refurbishment of an existing hangar within Dyson's Hullavington campus to provide additional research and development space. The new facility will provide Dyson with additional workshops, a development laboratory, welfare and kitchen facilities, waste and storage areas and staff office space.

07A Strong Floor Project

The refurbishment of an existing materials testing facility for Airbus UK. The project included the installation of a concrete new services trench within the existing floor and the construction of several materials testing laboratories.

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