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Whilst marketing gurus say that we should spend a lot of time working out our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), it is a sobering thought that no business is unique to the extent that their customers have literally nowhere else to go.  It is a good thing that this is th...

Chester Zoo is one of the most respected zoos in the world, with a fine reputation for its work in the field of conservation.

Its founder, George Mottershead conceived, developed and established the zoo, despite facing what most people would think were insurmountable ba...


Cyber-attacks are the scourge of modern businesses.  There are now serious responsibilities for business under the General Data Protection Responsibilities (GDPR). 

Since cyber-attacks can very quickly become evident and reach a lot of people, there is an in...

Purchasing and supply management is vital to every business and ultimately controls the profitability of the organisation.

Whereas most people look to the organisations manpower for savings, many businesses have large amounts of money “tied up” in contracts for external...

There are six reasons for any business to change:

  1. To improve efficiency

  2. To achieve more with less money

  3. To enhance the reputation of the organisation

  4. To improve the quality of goods and services

  5. To improve the morale of the organisation

  6. To i...

Email is the most useful tool in the modern business age, but most people fail to control it.  For many people their work comprises largely of email. 

If you are one of the people who have hundreds perhaps thousands of emails in your inbox then it’s important that...

Whatever the level of performance of your organisation, it is always possible to make improvements.  Our Top 12 actions to improve every business are:

  1. Prepare a strategy and business plan.  There is nothing more powerful in business than to decide where you are head...

An employer-employee relationship is both a financial and a social contract.  All employers rely on the skills and endeavour of their employees, who are prepared to give up their time and energy in order that they can earn a living.  Effective employer/employee relatio...

As we get closer to Brexit, it is easy to lose confidence.

However, the fact is that all organisations are capable of doing things differently to reduce their exposure to events and plot a course to success.

During good times it is important that you allow your business...

Even in tough economic circumstances, it is beneficial for every business to think about growth. You can be sure that your competitors will be looking to obtain your customers or your share of the market.

There are many reasons that growth is beneficial to your business...

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