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May 31, 2019

Well run projects will typically be governed by a decision-making project board, who are informed by a formal monthly report and which is presented by a PM who is able to clearly and unambiguously report on project status and forecast.  This report makes clear what has...

May 23, 2019

The most successful project leaders are clear about what they want.  Not just as project objectives but right down to the end product and components.  The more they know about their requirements the more specific they are able to be about it.  As a result the supply ch...

"Glass, China and reputation are easily cracked and never well mended” – Benjamin Franklin

Cyber-threats have become a significant additional risk to business as can be determined from the following statistics:

  1. 49% of Executives believe that risk management is becomi...

Most projects follow the same broad approach to delivery – they have a method:

  • Define requirements

  • Design solution

  • Procurement

  • Implementation

  • Handover and operation

  • Repeat….

Most businesses have similar functions and processes:

  • HR: recr...

The way we commonly work creates barriers to innovation in teams.  In this fourth blog by Dom Moorhouse of Method Grid and Paul Wilson of Provelio, we set out how Method Grid can be used to break down those barriers and create an environment that positiv...

Unlike a physical product, services are intangible and personal and can be delivered in many ways and styles.  Whilst clients benefit from these different skills sets and talents, they also want the service to be reliable and consistent as if it were a product.  In Par...

Whilst marketing gurus say that we should spend a lot of time working out our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), it is a sobering thought that no business is unique to the extent that their customers have literally nowhere else to go.  It is a good thing that this is th...

Chester Zoo is one of the most respected zoos in the world, with a fine reputation for its work in the field of conservation.

Its founder, George Mottershead conceived, developed and established the zoo, despite facing what most people would think were insurmountable ba...


Cyber-attacks are the scourge of modern businesses.  There are now serious responsibilities for business under the General Data Protection Responsibilities (GDPR). 

Since cyber-attacks can very quickly become evident and reach a lot of people, there is an in...

In Part 2 of this blog series, Dom Moorhouse of Method Grid and Paul Wilson of Provelio will focus on how the use of Method Grid has enabled them to improve project delivery, reduce risk and add value through focusing management time more effectively on those critical...

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