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  • Extracting Value Beyond Standardised Procurement

    Last month the British Standards Institution (BSI) launched their new standard, PAS 7000:2014, Supply Chain Risk Management - Supplier Prequalification.

    This new standard focuses on creating a universally applicable supply chain information standard aimed at establishing the Governance, Risk and Capability (GRC) of supply chain relationships. It is a generic model that can be used within any organisation, within any sector and of any size. ... Read Full Article

  • Intelligent cost reduction to protect front line services

    Paul Wilson discusses how making intelligent cost saving decisions can save organisations money without sacrificing front line services. 

    Sir Bob Kerslake, former Head of the Civil Service, has recently warned that Britain's public sector cuts are far from over, in fact he has even predicted that the cuts could go on for as long as another five years.  ... Read Full Article

  • Will letting your commercial property soon become a criminal offence?

    Andy Slaney investigates how a legislative change on the letting of commercial properties could be a criminal offence by April 2018

    According to this week’s Estate Gazette some 200,000 commercial properties in England and Wales have an Energy Performance Rating of F or G. These are typically older properties and have the poorest performance in terms of CO2 production (kg) per m² of floor space. If you are a landlord of such property OR rent space within such a property please read on as from April 2018 it will be illegal to let such property. ... Read Full Article

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